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8 mois

For their 8th month:

Ben has 1 tooth “sprouting” and Sophie for the first time called me MAMAN. What a JOY!

280909 enfants et bambou 006

280909 enfants et bambou 013

280909 enfants et bambou 005

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mamanbenetsophieone happy Maman

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Benjamin and Sophie are growing and going now. We bought them a baby walker and woooooosh…they are suddenly everywhere, arms outstretched bringing with them a number of objects on the tables and low shelves.

Benjamin spends hours looking at his hand, opening and closing them and giving an occasional clap.  He “drives” his walker backwards for now. He has yet to learn to move forward and sideways.

2092009 maison et meubles 003

Now, Sophie, is another story. The moment she was in the walker of her cousin, Zachary, she doesn’t want to let go. Thus we bought her her own.  It seems that she finally understand the fun of having legs and feet. When she is in her walker, Sophie is always on the go…forward, backwards, sidewards.

2092009 maison et meubles 010 

2092009 maison et meubles 013

I am thinking of making our house child proof  soonest. With the way the children are moving now, we cannot be too careful.

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6 months

taken yesterday on the occasion of their 6 month birthday

6 months le 300709 041

6 months le 300709 042

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sophie and her favorite toy

260709 house 049

the tambourine is currently sophie’s favorite toy

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ben and sophie …sophie and ben


Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown

14 july 2009 021

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sometimes …

ecole orientation period 156

sometimes … i wish i have four arms

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Benjamin and Sophie are 5 months old.  So today, they had a quarter of an egg yolk for lunch. Yummy!

maman et bensophie 006


maman et bensophie 007

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SUNSTAR 06-21-2009


Our little space in today’s paper


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My goodness!  I feel like i am in a roller coaster ride. Have been very busy preparing for the school opening this July 6. Next week, we will be putting everything in place. My materials have arrived this afternoon. Can’t wait to put them in the shelves where they belong. I am giving myself a crash course in gardening. Our tiny weenie spot of a garden will start to exist a  few weeks from now. So i have to help accelerate the green thumbing process.

My children are growing up so fast. So much so that i am starting to  hate myself for spending so much time in school instead of being with them. Julien solved the problem by buying another crib. This one will be put in the director’s office ( which is their lola’s office, by the way).  Like that when the twins are there they have a place to stay while waiting for me to finish work. Julien and I are really getting creative to find ways to spend as much time with them as we can. Time spent at work is time spent away from them. And we don’t want that.

jardin 003

Benjamin is still growing tall and chunky. And continues to charm everybody around him with his beautiful smile. When Ben cries there must be something REALLY wrong in his world for he seldom gives in to tears. He wants to play rough with Maman and Papa ALL the time. And he still talks and talks and talks…even in the wee hours of the morning.

benandsophie06192009 004

Sophie is growing beautifully too. She has recently discovered her voice and is constantly testing its limit as to how loud can she go. She’s at it  day and night.  I just  started to wean her away from breastfeeding so she is a little bit crancky at times, specially on feeding time.  She is happy to quietly play with the mobile by herself.  From time to time, she would give her brother that  “j’adore look ” that we really find so cute.

My french Prince is busy making sure that things are running excellently  in the homefront as well as in school. He is warming up to his new role as  “the Boss”. 

We are all adjusting pretty well to our new life here. In Cebu : La vie est vachement belle!

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